A List of Books

No particular formatting, just an export of my files. Some read, some unread. A placeholder for making this them into a useful database

Great Courses Doctors History of Medicine
Legg Machine Super Intelligence
Pearl (2018) The Book of Why
Smil (2017) Energy And Civilization
Sutton Barto Reinforcement Learning
Drexler Rec Apollo Systems Management
Sapolsky Why-Zebras-Don-t-Get-Ulcers-The-Acclaimed-Guide-to-Stress-Stress-Related-Diseases-and-Coping-
Hist Tech (1992) – The Electrification of Russia 1880-1926
Starrett (2013) Becoming a Supple Leopard
Flyvbjerg (2008) Decision-Making on Mega-Projects
Bostrom (2014) Superintelligence
Clark (2016) Surfing Uncertainty
Galileo Galilei – Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (1632) – Translated by Drake – Abridged by S. E. Sciortino (1953)
(OLD) Public Reading Guide – The Global Politics of AI
Weyl (2018) Radical Markets
Weyl Rec (2010) Red Plenty
Weyl Rec (2011) Cybernetic Revolutionaries
Marx (2016) Karl Marx Greatness and Illusion
Skidelsky (2015) John Maynard Keynes
Scott (1998) Seeing Like a State
Scott (2017) Against the Grain. A Deep History of the Earliest States
Currey (2013) Daily Rituals
Greene (2014) Moral Tribes
Pinker (2018) Enlightenment Now
Wiener (1990) – The Human Use of Human Beings Cybernetics and Society
Crone (1989) Pre-industrial Societies
Isaacson Benjamin Franklin An American Life
Ferriss (2010) – The 4-Hour Body
Clark (2007) A Farewell to Alms
Ferriss (2010) – The 4-Hour Body
Henrich (2016) The Secret of Our Success
Franklin (17XX) The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Terezka Arch Routledge Handbook SCL
Terezka Arch (2011) Learning to Teach
Schon (1984) The Reflective Practitioner
Galton (1869) Hereditary Genius
Simon (1974) The Sciences of the Artificial
Pearl (2000) Causality Models, Reasoning, and Inference
Pearl (1988) Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems_ Networks of Plausible Inference
Avicenna (10XX) – The Physics of The Healing
Feynman (1972) Statistical Mechanics a Set of Lectures
Wilson (1990) The Ants
Wilson (1994) Journey to the Ants A Story of Scientific Exploration
von Neumann (1958) The Computer and the Brain
von Neumann (1958) The Computer and the Brain
Henrich (2015) The Secret of Our Success
Turing Sec (2016) The Man Who Knew Too Much – Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer
Hilbert Sec (2001) Honors Class
Pauling, (1963) Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry
Carroll (2016)The Big Picture
Rumelhart McClelland (1986) Parallel Distributed Processing v1
Rosenblatt (1961) Principles of Neurodynamics
Rumelhart McClelland (1986) Parallel Distributed Processing v2
Keynes (1926) A Treatise on Probability
Gabor (1924) Papers and Lectures
Principles of Computer Science
Hebb (1949) The Organization of Behavior
Wiener (1948) Cybernetics Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
Jeffreys (1940) Theory of probability
Crick (1988) – What Mad Pursuit
Einstein (191X) Miraculous Year Papers
Pearl (1984) – Heuristics_ intelligent search strategies for computer problem solving
Regis (1988) Who got Einstein’s office
On Bell Labs (2016) The Idea Factory
On Shannon (2017) A Mind at Play- How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age
Archimedes (2007) The Archimedes Codex
Macrae (1992) Von Neumann The Genius
Math Rowe Gottingen Tradition
Collection Understanding Origins
Org – Deming (1993) The New Economics for Industry
Carroll (2016) The Big Picture.mobi
Org – Womack – Lean Thinking
Burns (1999) – The Feeling Good Handbook
Org – Exponential Organizations
Grof (1988) The Adventure of Self-Discovery
Capra (2012) Learning from Leaonardo
Goldratt (199X) Theory of Constraints
Other (XXXX) The Mark of the Sacred
Rec Grigory – Drubwang Rinpoche (2003) – The Dzogchen Way of Living Freely in a Complex World
Tolle (2008) Oneness with All Life
Cohen (2008) Philosophical Tales
Senge (1990) The Fifth Discipline
Body – Neumann Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System
Hanson (2018) The Elephant in the Brain
Scrum (20XX) Scrum and XP from the Trenches
Harari (2016) Sapiens
Rec Lynette Transforming Your Self
Singer (2011) The expanding circle
Other (201X) Made to Stick
Graham (2008) Hackers and Painters
Parfit (1984) Reasons and Persons
Kurzweil (2012) How to Create a Mind
Rec Friston Gregory (1960) Perceptual illusions
and brain models
Mayr (1982) The Growth of Biological Thought
Body Tsatsouline (2003) Super Joints
Body Tsatsouline (2013) The Naked Warrior
Body – Tsatsouline – Simple and Sinister.azw3
Body Harvard (2013) – The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
Rec Nielsen (2003) How to Map Every Thought
Other Creativity Inc
Damasio (2005) Descartes’ Error
Cambridge (2009) British Industrial Revolution from a Global Perspective
Dalio (2017) Principles
Clark (2007) – A Farewell to Alms
The Great Courses (2011) History of the Ancient World_ A Global Perspective
Cambridge (2010) Cambridge Handbook of Creativity
Allen (2015) Getting Things Done
Marcus (2001) Algebraic Mind
Mackay (2012) The Visioneers
Crick (1988) – What Mad Pursuit.djvu
SPU 20 Maynard Smith The Origins of Life.djvu
Crick (1982) Life Itself.djvu
Einstein (191X) Miraculous Year Papers.djvu
Sutherland (2014) Scrum
Beckstead (2013) On the Overwhelming Importance of Shaping the Far Future
MIT Press (2007) 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Marblestone (2014) Thesis Designing Scalable Biological Interfaces
Feynman (2006) Feynman’s Tips on Physics
Regis (2015) Monsters the Hindenburg disaster
Christian & Griffiths (2016) – Algorithms to Live By.mobi
McChesney (2012) The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX)
Wiener (1948) Cybernetics Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.djvu
Deheane (1997) The Number Sense
Lecuyer (2010) Makers of the Microchip A Documentary History of Fairchild Semiconductor
Burns (2009) Feeling Good.mobi
Schrodinger (1944) What is Life
Collection (1987) Parallel Algorithms for Matrix Computations
Drexler (1993) Engines of Creation
Nowrasteh (2016) Risk Analysis
Pearl (1984) – Heuristics_ intelligent search strategies for computer problem solving.djvu
Encyclopedia (1981) History of programming languages
Aldrete (2004) – Daily Life in the Roman City_ Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia
The Great Courses (2018) – The Rise of Rome
Shannon (1946) A Mathematical Theory of Communication
Cox (1946) Probability, Frequency and Reasonable Expectation
Collected (1964) Bernoulli 1713, Bayes 1763, Laplace 1813 – Anniversary Volume
Hald (2004) Bernoulli to Fisher, 1713-1935
Polya (1956) Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning
Jeffreys (1940) Theory of probability.djvu
Russell Norvig (2010) Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach
Wiener (1965) Cybernetics of the Nervous System
Conway (2004) Dark Hero Of The Information Age_ In Search of Norbert Wiener The Father of Cybernetics
Gerenscer (2015) Megacommunities
Jaynes Probability Theory The Logic Of Science
Drexler (2013) Radical Abundance
Ferguson The Square and the Tower
Ferriss (2007) The 4-Hour Workweek
Heath (1970) Mathematics in Aristotle
Bohr (1963) – Atomic Physics And Human Knowledge
Wilson (1999) Consilience The Unity of Knowledge
Heath (1920) Archimedes
Pinker How the Mind Works
Mokyr (2016) A Culture of Growth
Aaronson (2013) Quantum Computing since Democritus
Pentland (2015) Social Physics
Hawking (2007) God Created the Integers
Clear (2018) Atomic Habits_ Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results
Graham (1993) On Lisp
Forte (2018) Design Your Work
Knapp Zeratsky (2016) Sprint
Drexler (1991) Nanosystems.djvu
Williams (2011) Mindfulness
Michalko (2006) Thinkertoys
Gazzaniga (2000) The Mind’s Past
Thiel (2014) Zero to One
De Grey (2007) Ending Aging
Yew (2000) From Third World to First The Singapore Story.djvu
Guttag (2016) Introduction-to-Computation-and-Programming-Using-Python-With-Application-to-Understanding-Data
Harari (2014) Sapiens
Brown (2017) Origin.mobi
Kasparov (2018) Deep Thinking
Wootton (2015) The Invention of Science A New History of the Scientific Revolution
Oakley (2017) Mindshift
Merzbach (1968) A History of Mathematics
Eco (1977) How to Write a Thesis
Kniberg (2007) Scrum and XP from the Trenches
Pinker (2015) The Sense of Style.mobi
Taleb (2012) Antifragile
Regis (1988) Who got Einstein’s office.djvu
Rock (2009) Your Brain at Work
Oakley (2014) A Mind For Numbers
Clausewitz (1832) On War
Hillis (2005) The Pattern On The Stone
Kurzweil (2005) The Singularity is Near
Isaacson (2017) Leonardo da Vinci
Smil (XXXX) Enriching the Earth
Smil (2010) Energy Transitions
Smil (XXXX) Feeding the world.chm
Smil (XXXX) Global Ecology
Goldratt Theory of Constraints

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