Notes: The End of Illness

Bombastic title (a clearly negative sign) and talk about complex systems and emergence (sign of high variance).

Some good signs too though – statistical literacy, Danny Hillis and Murray Gell Mann as collaborators.

So, it seems worth evaluating the claims. Currently just noting for future investigation:

  • Multivitamin supplements seem to be actively harmful.
  • Evidence for causal effect of vitamin D supplementation is weak (only correlational, RCTs find no effect). That would be very surprising. I currently supplement vitamin D.
  • Proteomics is the future.
  • Sitting has a stronger effect on mortality than smoking. (Cool occupation studies)
  • Regularity in schedule is a huge deal. Dog owners have much lower overall mortality rates than rest of population. Claim: this is not due to anti-stress effects. (Look up study).
  • Aspirin and statins may decrease all cause mortality through decreasing inflammation.
  • Preventing flu with vaccines has huge effects (20 percent)

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